Austrian Cooperative Research
…is the association of cooperative research institutes of Austrian businesses and is tasked with conducting research and development work and relevant services for individual organisations and also for various interested parties and interest groups. ACR stands for cooperation with competence. 

Wels Trade Fair
As an exhibition site, Wels is tucked away in one of the most economically strong and environmentally aware regions of Europe – Upper Austria, at the hart of central Europe and with its economic and spending power, is home base for all our activities. It is a platform for the local and national economy and promotes the creative and innovation-focused development of traditional business and agriculture.

Austrian Standards
This is the web page of the Austrian Standards Institute.
Standards ensure that one thing is the same as another, they relieve the burden of routine work, help to protect the environment and guarantee health and safety by defining the current state of technology for products and services. They promote streamlining, enable quality assurance, contribute to safety in the workplace and at home, standardise testing processes (for instance in environmental protection) and generally facilitate understanding in commerce, technology, science, administration and the public arena.

Vienna University of Technology
Vienna University of Technology is in the heart of Europe, in a place of cultural diversity with an international character. For nearly 200 years, this has been the home of research, teaching and learning in the name of progress. TU Vienna is one of the most successful technical universities in Europe. 

sees itself as the European information and consulting platform for Associations of the stove fitter’s trade and has the following important objectives: regularly providing information and issuing publications regarding current events connected with the Association, advertising events and events specific to the profession, coordinating the exchange of knowledge in the professional and technical field; representing the profession’s interests in Brussels and fostering relationships based on partnership. 

This is an umbrella organisation which represents the interests of craftsmen and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the European Union at European level.